Are You A Booster?

You are considered a booster for Richmond Athletics if you belong to the Spider Club or another athletic support group for Richmond Athletics.  You are also considered a booster for Richmond Athletics if you assist in providing benefits to current student-athletes or their families (e.g., jobs), promote Richmond Athletics, or are a former Richmond student-athlete. Under NCAA rules, once you become a booster for Richmond Athletics, you remain one indefinitely.

Boosters and Recruiting

  • Boosters may not make in-person recruiting contact with a prospective student-athlete, his/her parents, guardians or relatives, whether the contact is on or off-campus.
  • Boosters may not write to or call a prospective student-athlete or his/her parents, guardians, or relatives.
  • Boosters may not entertain or assist a prospective student-athlete or his/her parents, guardians or relatives, including purchasing meals, providing transportation, or providing any type of financial assistance.
  • Boosters may not transport, entertain, or provide expenses for a high school, preparatory school, or two-year college coach.
  • Boosters may not help pay any registration fees for a prospective student-athlete to attend a sports camp or clinic.
  • Boosters may not mail newspaper clippings, posters, programs, or similar items to prospective student-athlete or his/her parents, guardians, or relatives.
  • Boosters may watch a prospective student-athlete's athletics contest, but Boosters may not have contact with him/her.
  • Boosters may contact a UR coach to notify the coach about a prospective student-athlete. Feel free to send recommendation letters, newspaper clippings, or similar information about a prospective student-athlete to the UR coach.

Please Note:  A prospective student-athlete or recruit is anyone who has started classes for the 9th grade (or 7th grade in sport of boy's basketball).  That individual remains a prospective student-athlete even after he or she signs a National Letter of Intent or enrolls in a junior college or prep school.

Boosters and Current Student-Athletes

  • Boosters may not provide any special benefits (e.g., clothes, cars, jewelry, electronic/stereo equipment) to a student-athlete.
  • Boosters may not allow a student-athlete to use your phone or credit card without charge or at a reduced cost.
  • Boosters may not purchase holiday, birthday, wedding, or other gifts for a student-athlete.
  • Boosters may provide a student-athlete with employment provided he or she is paid for work actually performed and at the going rate for similar services. Boosters may not provide transportation related to the job unless it is provided to all employees in that particular job.
  • Boosters may provide an occasional family home meal with prior approval from the Athletics Compliance Office. The meal must be provided in an individual's home and must be restricted to infrequent and special occasions.

NCAA Rules Violations

Violations of NCAA result may result in the ineligibility of the involved prospective student-athlete or student-athlete. In addition, multiple violations can put the intercollegiate athletics program in jeopardy of sanctions by the NCAA or conference offices, including being placed on probation, forfeiture of games, and loss of revenues and championships. Boosters for Richmond Athletics may be provided with certain benefits or privileges associated with their contributions; however, any benefits or privileges may be withheld if a booster engages in conduct that is a violation of NCAA rules.

Please contact Maura Bolger, Assistant Director of Athletics/Compliance with any questions.