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Photo Courtesy : Richmond Athletics
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Spider Soccer #TBT: Alexis Pringle
Courtesy: Richmond Athletics
Release: 06/08/2017
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Each week through the summer, the Spider soccer team will highlight a senior or a coach on as a part of a Throwback Thursday series.

Name: Alexis Pringle
Position: Defense

List two truths and a lie about yourself:
1. I used to be a cheerleader
2.I can play the guitar
3. Jason Maraz and I are from the same town   

What is your favorite...
Athlete: Ashton Eaton
Professional Soccer Player: Steven Gerrard 

Sports team: Manchester United
School subject: Math

Food: Any form of potato (chips, fries, mashed, etc.)

Movie: The Little Mermaid            
Soap: Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy
Animal: Giraffe

Breakfast cereal: Special K Red Berries
Soccer memory: Beating VCU at home on Senior Night my Junior year
Vacation spot: Jamaica
Joke: Any joke Palbright tells
Color: Baby blue
Gift you have ever been given: My electric toothbrush/my Pandora bracelet/The Spice Girls movie on DVD
Song: Anything by Kendrick Lamar
Motivational Quote: “Strength does not come from winning, your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.” -Gandhi
Holiday (why)?: Thanksgiving because I get to spend time with family and eat a lot of food

Other Questions:
What's one thing not a lot of people know about you?: I'm afraid of horses
Where's spot in the entire world you would like to visit that you haven't?: Kenya (specifically Giraffe Manor)
Age you started playing soccer: 4 years old
What has been one of your most exciting memories with your Spider Family so far?: The time we all spent together on our team retreat!
Before each game I…: Listen to Kendrick Lamar and eat a banana
If you were granted one wish, what you want it to be?: To have Wanda and Cosmo as my fairy godparents (hence unlimited wishes)
If you could have dinner with any one celebrity, who and why?: Shonda Rhimes because TGIT
Starbucks or Dunkin?: Starbucks 

Most famous person you've met (where and when): Mia Hamm and Brandi Chastain at a soccer camp
Dream job: Forensic Accountant
Hobbies/Interests: Spending time with friends and family, watching Scandal, online shopping
Do you have a nickname the team calls you?: Pringle or Prang or Pringy
Ideal temperature in your house?: 74
Greatest invention of the last 100 years: Electric blankets  
Apple or Android?: Apple
For me, I love playing soccer because: When I'm playing soccer I am able to clear my mind of anything and everything that is bothering me at the time
Greatest inspiration: My parents
Cat, dog, or turtle?: Dog (specifically pugs and wiener dogs) 
Biggest fear: Losing someone close to me
If you were stranded on island, what 3 things would you chose to have with you?: My dad, a boat, and a flare gun
Why did you come to Richmond?: The academics are amazing, the campus is gorgeous, it's close to home, and I grew up watching the team play and wishing I could be a part of it 

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?: The ability to teleport
Least favorite household chore: Washing dishes
Do you prefer to grab your next piece of toilet paper over or under the roll?: Over
Where do you like sitting on the bus for road trips?: Middle of the bus, window seat 

If you somehow inherited Bill Gates's fortune, what would you do with it?: Travel the world 


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