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Interested in becoming a part of a Richmond Tradition?

The University's cheerleaders are recognized as a “tradition” at the university.  The team continually represents the school both on and off the field and court, at cheer clinics, and with community engagements throughout the city. Spider pride and the nonstop drive to improve are just a few trademarks of UR's cheer team.  The co-ed team performs at both home football games at the Robins Stadium and post-season games travelling in all directions.  Plus the team attends men's and women's basketball home games at the Robins Center.  And nothing is better than having front row seats to rivalry games!  Promotional showings and fundraisers are also a huge part of the cheerleading schedule throughout the year and yet each participant is a full-time student holding a 3.0 or higher. Time management is just one of the key skills that each cheerleader quickly picks up with the support of the coaches and each other, making school a top priority without having to put down the pompoms.

A week in the life of a Spider Cheerleader…

As full time students, we have a well-balanced schedule with twice a week practice and Saturday home games during football season and then two to three games a week during Men's and Women's basketball season.  The current team is made up of mostly business and science (pre-med) majors and yet cheerleading has been able to fit around everybody's school schedule. The team is also involved in promotional ads, community appearances, and fan club Meet-And-Greets.  The interaction with fans and family is one of the most rewarding parts of being on the team especially when the spider cheerleaders do the annual kids cheer clinic!  Last but definitely not least, the team always enjoys post season travelling whether it is the FCS playoffs for football or the A-10 playoff bracket for basketball as mentioned previously.

Next Steps:

To be part of this great tradition as a University of Richmond cheerleader we have annual fall tryouts within the first two weeks of the academic calendar start date.  Tryouts consist of a three day tryout period alongside getting to know the coaches and current team members.  Below are links to preview tryout material, print and complete forms, and collect additional information.  Good luck and Go Spiders!