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Postgame Quotes: Richmond Edged By Tribe In Capital Cup
Courtesy: Richmond Athletics
Release: 11/19/2011
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Photo Courtesy : Richmond Athletics
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University of Richmond Head Coach Wayne Lineburg
"Tough loss.  I feel for our kids but they played extremely hard.  We put ourselves in the position to win but we didn't come up with the plays in the end which seems to be the story of our season.  William & Mary could make the play when they needed and you have to give William & Mary credit.  They came out of the stretch and won the game which was no fault or no lack of effort from our football team.  I'm proud of the fifth year seniors and I'm proud of the guys that came back and battled all year through all the adversity.  It's a great group of kids and the record doesn't reflect how good of a group of kids it is and we have some good kids coming back here in the future that we can grow upon and move forward."

In response to level of play
"They played a good all around game today but in the end, it wasn't enough but it wasn't for a lack of effort.  For the most part the kids executed with a lot of good things.  But you have to give William and Mary credit, they made plays in that last drive and we couldn't stop them."

In response to the last play
"We kind of thought that they would hand it to Grimes but our defense was ready to handle the pass as well.  We called a couple time outs there to make sure we had the right people on the field.  As good as a player as he is, we thought he would try to get two yards.  We knew they didn't have any timeouts so we tried to manage that with our situation and get the right personnel group.  We were kind of ready for both but we obviously couldn't make the play."

In response to the blocked field goal
"I still think if you earn it, you earn it.  You win the game with breaks but I think you make your own breaks.  I thought we were in a great position there, no doubt about it, but they made a key third down play.  The kid made the first couple tackles which got them the first down.  We had them backed up and had the momentum but they handed the ball to Grimes which is smart.  Coach Laycock used the clock well and managed the time like he's done it for a long time so you've got to give him credit."


Junior LB Darius McMillan

In response to the last play
"It was a good play on William and Mary's part.  I really don't know exactly what happened.  I was trying to get pressure on the quarterback but at the end of the day, they made a play when they needed to and we couldn't stop them when we needed to."

In response to Jonathan Grimes
"He's a good back; he's actually a great back. We went and prepared our schemes to stop him but he ran well and they drove a good play."

Adjustments on defense
"One of our main things was that we were missing some tackles.  We always had a guy in place to make the tackle but a couple of times we just missed the tackle.  I credit Grimes, he runs really hard.  But our main adjustment at halftime, just focus and make the tackle."

Sophomore WR Ben Edwards

In response to a rivalry game
"This game was huge whether we had both gone to the playoffs or not.  If we had won this game it would have made all the adversity we have been going through so much better.  We would've been able to hold our heads high if we fought threw it.  We did fight threw it but we just didn't come out with the victory.  This game was so big and it just shows how much heart this team has and how the seniors were devoted to this team and everything that the team includes.  I feel so bad that we didn't get this victory for them because it was a huge rival but we just couldn't find a way to get it done."


William and Mary Head Coach Jimmy Laycock
"Overall in the game, I thought it was a heck of a game.  I thought both teams played very hard and made plays. I was extremely proud of us.  We made the mistake on the block field goal and they got the score, but we were able to come back and take that drive. That was pretty impressive.  I was pretty impressed the way we came back and got the win.  I feel really happy for our guys.  Richmond did a heck of a job and they came up and played against us and I thought they played very well.  But you know, we have John Grimes on our side and I think that really helped us a lot.   Anyway, we are really pleased with the way we were able to end the year.  It's been awhile since we've ended with a win.  We're not in the playoffs but sometimes that the drawback of the playoffs; you might not get a win at the end of the year.  But we were fortunate enough to get a win this year."

In response to Jonathan Grimes
We don't have enough time (to put Jonathan Grimes' career in perspective).  I would love to but it wouldn't do it justice, trying to capsulate it here, right now.  He has had a fantastic career and I mean there's no way to describe it.  We'll miss him." 

QB Brent Caprio

In response to the last play
"We were in that situation in the last two games and kind of came away empty handed.  But there's an old saying, 'third time's a charm' and I guess we really proved that today.  Today we had a good mixture of the running pass and keeping the defense on their feet and good clock management at the end, leaving them no time to score." 

In response to Jonathan Grimes
"He takes certainly takes the pressure off me.  I've enjoyed watching him over the last three years. I'm definitely going to miss him.  When he runs the ball as much as he does and he's definitely a threat to the passing game.  He's a huge help to any quarterback."

RB Jonathan Grimes

In response to Richmond's defense
"I guess they might have started to play a little bit more honest.  In the beginning they were just flying in the zone and the cutback was always there and it was still there but they always had at least one guy which I wish was a one on one situation.  They did a decent job.  The whole line was fired up and all game they were moving people which made my job a little easier."

In response to winning the last game of the season
"It's just an awesome feeling.  Since I've been here we haven't won on the last game, freshman, sophomore, and junior year.  But now we're going out on a win and it's been a tough season.  This is something that the team next year can build off of and it was just a good win for the school and a good win for coach."

In response to setting a single season record
"At half time they were trying not to tell me anything but it got out and the whole line kept talking about it and was counting it down.   But at the same time we were trying to get the win.  To get both was just awesome.  The pullbacks on the line, it was just a good team effort today."

CB B.W. Webb

In response to defensive strategy
"We knew when we came into the game that Tre Gray was a leading receiver in the CAA so we really just wanted to get somebody on him and keep an eye on him at all times.  He's a very good receiver and he makes big plays all the time so we just wanted to make sure that we had a hand on him any time he was on the field."

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