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Whatís Up with Dylan Schrode?
Courtesy: Richmond Athletics
Release: 02/14/2012
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Photo Courtesy : Richmond Athletics
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Get to know senior Dylan Schrode with 10 quick facts!

  1. Dylan's dream job would be to work at IMG as a sport agent.
  2. His favorite food is filet mignon.
  3. His favorite movie is Ocean's Eleven.
  4. Dylan wishes he was good at playing soccer.
  5. Dylan's favorite holiday is Yom Kippur because he says, "It shows how we all need to sacrifice and give back for being so fortunate."
  6. If Dylan could travel anywhere in the world, he would go back to Argentina because it is the coolest country he has visited so far.
  7. If Dylan was trapped on an island, he would need an iPod, a Chipotle Burrito, and a laptop.
  8. If Hollywood was making a movie about Dylan's life, he would choose Brad Pitt to play his character.
  9. Dylan's favorite childhood memory is going on vacations with his family and the Smith family.
  10. The best day Dylan ever had was when he won his first match at states during his sophomore year of high school. He says, "It was a great feeling that I was never able to repeat, and later that night I went to prom!"

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