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What’s Up with Helen Cunningham?
Courtesy: Richmond Athletics
Release: 04/02/2012
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Photo Courtesy : Richmond Athletics
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Get to know senior Helen Cunningham with 10 quick facts!

1. Helen's dream job is to work for the World Health Organization.

2. She loves puppies.

3. Helen's favorite celebrities are Taylor Swift and Garth Brooks. She comments, "I have a weak spot for good country music, and let's face it-Taylor Swift is awesome!"

4. She enjoys cooking, baking, traveling, and reading.

5. Here favorite foods are barbeque chicken and Mrs. Wesselink's apple crisp.

6. Helen's favorite memory is the summer of her sophomore year in college when she went to Peru. She states, "A fellow study abroad student and I went paragliding- that is, when you have a kite attached to your back and you run off the top of a mountain. Well, I had a Peruvian named "Nacho" attached to me and a kite, and I went running off the side of an Andes Mountain in Peru, most definitely my favorite memory and most exhilarating moment I've had thus far!"

7. Helen's best day ever was when she was offered a scholarship to Richmond. She states, "I was crying on the phone to my coach saying, "Mark, I bleed blue and red!"

8. Helen's parents and professors have had a great influence on her life. She says, "Besides my parents, who have raised me with incredible values, morals, and beliefs, and who have supported me from day one (and who I can never thank enough for all that they have done!), I would have to say a professor here at UR has influenced me an incredible amount during my college years. Dr. Mayes took me to Peru the summer of my sophomore year on a study abroad trip where we studied both American health and global health, and worked in an orphanage with Peruvian children. This summer had a huge impact on my direction in life, a direction toward global health, and still to this day, he has been the most inspiring and influential professor (and life coach!) to me here at Richmond. He is another person, other than my parents, that I can never express enough how thankful I am for everything he has done."

9. If Helen could travel anywhere in the world, she would visit Europe. She says, "I would go to Europe and travel around with my mom, we've never been to Europe and we're both dying to see it and experience it."

10. If Hollywood was producing a movie about Helen's life she would choose Rachel McAdams or Reese Witherspoon to play her character.


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