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Whatís Up with Mariana Arana?
Courtesy: Richmond Athletics
Release: 04/14/2012
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Photo Courtesy : Richmond Athletics
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Get to know junior Mariana Arana with 10 quick facts!

1. Her dream job is to work at Coca-Cola on their green publicity campaigns.

2. Her favorite animals are giraffes because they are so awkward looking.

3. Mariana enjoys camping, painting, and photography.

4. Her favorite athlete is Chicharito, a Mexican soccer player. She says, "He is just so amazing!"

5. Mariana's favorite holiday is Christmas because "I love going back to Mexico City to see my family. We sit around campfires, eat great food, enjoy each other's company, watch cheesy Christmas movies, and give out presents!"

6. If Mariana was a cartoon character, she would be Petrie from The Land before Time because she looks like her.

7. If she had any talent, Mariana wishes that she had Joanna's (Matuszczyk) hands. "She does the most amazing drop shots."

8. If Mariana could travel anywhere, she would visit the North Pole because she wants to see the Northern Lights.

9. Her favorite childhood memory is when "My best friends from elementary school and I used to sneak out of class together and go on "adventures". We would go to our school's gardens and trap bees using plastic bags. Then we would release them inside our classrooms. Great times."

10. Mariana has been greatly influenced by her family especially her brother, Rafa. She says," He keeps me on the right track. He also played tennis for the Spiders!"


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