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Alex Smyth's Training Trip Blog: Day Two
Courtesy: Richmond Athletics
Release: 03/11/2013
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Editor's Note: Senior Alex Smyth will chronicle her time with Spider Tennis on the team's trip to Florida, this Spring Break. Below is her second entry.


Day 2 of Spring Break was exactly what myself and the team had been hoping for- a day filled with beautiful, warm weather!  The forecast was 80 degrees, and we loved every bit of it.  The morning began with a 9am workout to get ready for our match tomorrow against Boston University.  Everyone was able to get in a good hit and enjoyed playing outside in warm weather.  I was able to practice without my knee brace today which was very exciting.  It felt weird in that there was nothing restricting my movement, but overall I was happy with how it felt and how I was able to hit.  It will still take some time to get over the mental worries of my knee, but it was a step in the right direction playing without the brace.  I am planning on playing in the lineup tomorrow and am looking very forward to being back on the court with my team for matches.

Aside from practice, today consisted mainly of laying low on the beach.  As I said in my post yesterday, our hotel is right on the beach, which makes the walk very convenient.  Within 10 minutes of finding our "Richmond tennis tanning spot," we all fell victim to extremely long naps.  Once we regained our energy and re-applied massive amounts of sunblock, we headed off in different groups to explore what else was on the beachfront.  It was a very relaxed scene, at least for most of us.  Melissa had a bit of a different experience.  After doing a walk with a small group, we headed back to our spot for more rest.  All of a sudden I was woken up with a faint yet sneaky "Hey Alex..."  from Mel and Anna.  I briefly opened my eyes to see the girls standing over me with a massive fish.  Initially I was freaked out, but then we all had quite a good laugh.  Mel was given the fish from a gentlemen while on a walk, and wanted to show off her new gift to the team.  After some minor threats to put the fish on people, Mel put the fish back in the water to join its own "team."  Hopefully she won't find any more fish this week, let alone go through with the idea of putting things on me while I sleep (unless it is sunblock)!

One of the last highlights of the day was eating dinner at Bubba Gump's Shrimp Co., and topping it off with ice cream!  When we finished chowing down on seafood, we walked around the pier where the restaurant was located and stopped to get homemade ice cream.  Some of the girls got a little treat, but Elizabeth and I opted to wait and try the small "Shake Shop" next to our hotel.  It was definitely one of the best decisions of the day.  It was similar to a Dairy Queen but better.  The ice cream was soft-serve and described by Elizabeth as "heavenly and mouse-like." I agree 100% with her, it was unbelievable.  We both downed the "Vieneta" which had chocolate/vanilla swirl, waffle cone pieces, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream.  Yet, Elizabeth had the brilliant idea of adding brownie chunks to it, which made it all the better.  I think the team was a little jealous of our decision to wait and try out the Shake Shop.  I definitely think we will be going there again this week after teasing the team with pictures of our sundaes.

Tomorrow is match day and we are all really excited to get back into match play.  Hopefully we can come out with a win and have all around great performances!

Go Spiders!! 

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