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Photo Courtesy : Richmond Athletics
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Alex Smyth's Training Trip Blog: Day Five
Courtesy: Richmond Athletics
Release: 03/14/2013
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Editor's Note: Senior Alex Smyth will chronicle her time with Spider Tennis on the team's trip to Florida, this Spring Break. Below is her fifth entry.

Similar to most practice days while in Florida, our day started off with an early morning practice at the same park as the previous two days.  It was definitely a bit colder compared to earlier in the week, but heated up once we started hitting.  Practice today consisted of our same routine of a good warm up, points, and doubles practice.  The one tough obstacle of the day was getting familiar with the wind.  Whenever it is windy on the court, it is even more important to move your feet because of the need to make quick adjustments and be as balanced as possible given the conditions.  Overall I would say everyone adapted well to the weather and had a good practice.  As we are getting near the end of our trip, we are also preparing for our upcoming match on Friday against South Alabama and fine tuning our outdoor games.

Post practice, most of the day resulted in hanging around by the beach and pool.  Initially we all tried to relax on the beach, but wind and cooler temperatures forced us to retreat to the patio in the back of our hotel.  Although it didn't have as pretty of a view as being on the beach, we were all much warmer and definitely got some color. 

The highlight of the day was, surprise surprise, our dinner.  This is the one thing (of many) I adore about my team- we all whole-heartedly love food.  Based on last night's dinner at Peg's Cantina, I opted to look for good restaurants in the same area. Low and behold, O'Maddy's was ranked the #1 place to eat in Gulfport according to TripAdvisor.  Once again, all of us had phenomenal meals and had no leftovers.  The restaurant was an Irish bar and grill that offered everything from sandwiches to seafood to steak.  It was located right on the water and had amazing views.  Yet, given the slight chill and wind, we decided it would be best if we enjoyed our meal inside.  We had a great time chatting about what other sports we would play had we not chosen tennis, but turned dead silent the minute our food came.  To outsiders, it must have seemed like we had not eaten in months the way our table atmosphere changed so drastically.  Thankfully I have 2 more months left with these food-crazed girls until I should probably look into serious methods of curing my own food obsession!

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