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Alex Smyth's Training Trip Blog: Day Six
Courtesy: Richmond Athletics
Release: 03/15/2013
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Editor's Note: Senior Alex Smyth will chronicle her time with Spider Tennis on the team's trip to Florida, this Spring Break. Below is her fifth entry.

Our second to last day in Florida ran again like other practice days.  We hit early in the morning to beat the heat, even though today was one of the cooler days, and then relaxed at our hotel.  Practice was quieter today in preparation for our match tomorrow.  Mark wanted us to get into match mode, which everyone successfully did.  My goal for tomorrow is to be able to move around as best I can, and get the doubles point.  Although Elizabeth and I are a new team, we have a lot of strengths that when combined can make for a great team.  Hopefully we come out of tomorrow with a doubles win, and overall a team win.

After practice we all lounged by the pool hoping to get one last day of color.  With a few varying sunburns here and there, we all will be able to boast some sun-kissed color upon returning to Richmond.  But, the highlight of the day 100% belongs to Georgina.  Georgina, Elizabeth, Katya, and I decided we wanted to go for a walk over the drawbridge to the pier area.  There were lots of homemade ice cream shops on the pier, end we all wanted something cool from being in the sun.  The walk across the bridge was pretty in that you could see miles down, and all the beautiful houses on the water. 

When we finally got to the little ice cream store, all of us were ready to devour something sweet and refreshing.  Elizabeth went with double fudge brownie, I chose pistachio, and Georgina picked mint chocolate chip.  Upon leaving the shop to walk to another place for Katya, all of a sudden I head screams coming from behind me.  Georgina was screaming for dear life and flailing her arms all around.  Above her were about 3 seagulls watching her very move.  She ran over to the three of us still frantic about the birds.  We laughed and kept on saying they wouldn't do anything.  Apparently we didn't understand the full story, because as we were talking, Georgina showed us a beak mark in her ice cream that one of the seagulls had left.  We all lost it and were borderline crying out of laughing so hard.  It was at first shocking that the bird had made such a bold move, but even more impressive that Georgina still had grip of her ice cream! Dedication right there.  Funny enough, a few minutes later when we left the custard shop, the same birds tried to swoop down and throw the rest of us into a fit.  Thankfully nothing happened, but Georgina was scarred.

 The last story of the day revolves around our dinner.  We went to this awesome Cuban place in Gulfport.  I have never had Cuban food, along with most of the girls, and was at first reluctant to how the food would be, and if everyone would like it.  It ended up being a fantastic restaurant.  Yet, despite the food being great, my favorite part of the meal was all of us discussing our past A-10 tournaments.  The question was brought up by Katya, and it snowballed into telling memorable stories that none of us will forget.  In times like that, it truly hits home in making me realize this is my last run with the team.  I have been a part of so many fantastic memories, and have made lasting friendships that I know will stay with me for a very long time.  Although this year has not gone as I had hoped, in regards to my knee injury, I am still thankful to be playing aside all of these amazing girls. 

A winning season, and a championship title are always something that collectively a team strides for- but there is more to it than statistics.  We may not be having the best season in my four years at Richmond, but this year has been one of the absolute best years (so far) that I can ask for on various levels.  My hope is that we can all stay united as a team through these ups and downs, and overall continue making memories that offer us more on a personal basis than wins and losses. 

Go Spiders!!

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