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Photo Courtesy : Richmond Athletics
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RVA Native Latham Shines During Spider Spring Ball
Courtesy: Richmond Athletics
Release: 04/04/2017
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UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND, Va. – During his sophomore year at nearby Monacan High School, Graham Latham started to play around with long snapping, nothing too serious, just joking around with friends.

It quickly became obvious to Latham that he might have found his specialty on the football field.

Fast forward six years later when Latham was called into Head Coach Russ Huesman’s office after a recent Spider Spring football practice. Huesman gave Latham the news that he would be awarded a full scholarship.

“Graham’s a really talented kid, who’s worked his tail off ever since our staff got on campus,” Huesman said. “He’s probably the best long snapper I’ve had since I’ve been coaching. He deserved to be rewarded for what he brings to this program.”

Only a short drive from home, Latham decided the typical phone call to the parents wasn’t enough, so he dropped in for a visit and to deliver the news.

“It was really exciting and I’m extremely thankful for the opportunity that Coach Huesman and the staff have given my family and I,” Latham said. “My parents were obviously really happy, I think my mom was screaming for 10 minutes straight. It was great to be able to give them that news.”

Ball Security: From the first whistle of a spring practice, ball security is a top priority for the Spiders from warm-ups to drills to full scrimmages; holding on to the ball is stressed by Huesman and his staff.

Every position player on the offensive side of the ball goes through a series of ball security drills, which includes warm-ups and stretches.

Getting Adjusted: The biggest change for the Spiders under the new coaching staff will be the new defensive look as Richmond will run a 4-2-5 scheme.

Rising junior Micah Keels will be lined up in the new “dimes” position, which is somewhat of a combination between a safety and a DB.

The Richmond Times Dispatch’s John O’Connor will have a feature on Keels and his new spot this week. 

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