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Photo Courtesy : Richmond Athletics
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Spider Soccer #TBT: Lexi Prillaman
Courtesy: Richmond Athletics
Release: 06/15/2017
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Each week through the summer, the Spider soccer team will highlight a senior or a coach on as a part of a Throwback Thursday series.

Name: Lexi Prillaman
Position: Attack

List two truths and a lie about yourself:
- I can play the Piano
- I went to Amish camp when I was younger
- I was once contacted to be in a Crocs commercial

What is  your favorite...
Athlete: Serena Williams 
Professional Soccer Player: Messi
Sports team: Patriots
School subject: Marketing
Food: boardwalk fries (TO DIE FOR) 
Movie: I'm a big movie gal, can't narrow it down to just one
Soap: lavender
Animal: dog
Breakfast cereal: blueberry frosted mini- wheats
Soccer memory: scoring the winning goal to beat the #1 team in the state tournament in high school 
Vacation spot: Bermuda
Color: light purple
Gift you have ever been given: letters from my dad every Christmas
Song: too difficult to narrow down!! – I'm into alternative music, so I'd say my fav song changes from week to week
Holiday (why)?: Christmas. It's a time of the year where my whole family is together for an extended period of time. We have some great traditions that make the holidays really special, wouldn't trade them for the world

Other Questions:
What's one thing not a lot of people know about you?: I used to be the shortest person on my team in middle school
Where's spot in the entire world you would like to visit that you haven't?: Greece
Age you started playing soccer: 5-ish
Before each game I…: shower
If you could have dinner with any one celebrity, who and why?: tswift because she's simply amazing
Starbucks or Dunkin?: Starbucks @ school, dunks @ home!!!
Most famous person you've met (where and when): Julianne Hough, back stage before she performed/ sang in a small town at home
Dream job: photographer traveling the world
Hobbies/Interests: taking photos, music, sunsets and sunrises, hiking
Do you have a nickname the team calls you?:lexi/lex/lehi
Ideal temperature in your house?: 65, a comfortable-cool
Apple or Android?: apple
For me, I love playing soccer because: it's a release, takes my mind off of everything. also bc it's the best sport in the world 
Greatest inspiration: my family
Cat, dog, or turtle?: dog
Biggest fear: the dark
What's your 10 year plan?: to be happy
Why did you come to Richmond?: it's a perfect fit, a great balance between soccer and school. It's stunning, I can still remember the first time I came here 
If you could have one superpower, what would it be?: to fly
Least favorite household chore: laundry
Do you prefer to grab your next piece of toilet paper over or under the roll?: over
Where do you like sitting on the bus for road trips?: middle, with a window view
If you somehow inherited Bill Gates's fortune, what would you do with it?: invest it, donate a significant amount to charity, save it, share with family 

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