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What’s Up with Dylan Trent?
Courtesy: Richmond Athletics
Release: 04/15/2012
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Photo Courtesy : Richmond Athletics
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Get to know freshman Dylan Trent with10 quick facts!

1. Dylan's dream job is to be the Marketing Director for a major corporation or own his own business.

2. The Fighter and Role Models are Dylan's favorite movies.

3. His favorite foods are steak, potatoes, Buffalo wings, and Coca-Cola. 

4. Dylan enjoys going to the beach, surfing, hanging out with friends, playing table tennis and skydiving.

5. Dylan's favorite holiday is Easter because "it is the only time during the year where my whole family comes together."

6. His favorite childhood memory is visiting Hawaii with his family.

7. If Dylan was trapped on an island, he would need his phone, his bed, and a lot of Buffalo wings to survive.

8. Dylan's best day ever was when he went skydiving for a graduation present, rode a jet ski at 70 mph and then ended the day with a party at his best friend's house.

9. If Hollywood was making a movie about Dylan's life, he would choose Mark Wahlberg to play his character.

10. Dylan wishes that he could visit the Bahamas for spring break because it is so beautiful there.

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