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Licensed to Fork Union Military Academy
                                       HY-TEK's Meet Manager 3/28/2014 05:35 PM
          Richmond's Fred Hardy Invitational - 3/28/2014 to 3/29/2014          
                       Robins Stadium, Fred Hardy Track                        
                              Richmond, Virginia                               
Women High Jump
      School: R 1.70m  2008        Megan Ney                                   
    Facility: F 1.70m  3/30/2012   Erin Flick, Shippensburg                    
        Meet: M 1.70m  3/30/2012   Erin Flick, Shippensburg                    
    Name                    Year School                  Finals 
  1 Eshleman, Rachel             Kutztown                 1.70mR 
  2 Solomon, Christina           VCU                      1.65m  
  3 Janneh, Jamila               Temple                  J1.65m  
  4 Simpson, Megan               VCU                      1.55m  
  5 Taylor, Ashleigh             Concord                 J1.55m  
  6 Craib, Savannah              William and              1.50m  
  7 Sanders, Allorie             Virginia Uni            J1.50m  
  8 Mckenna, Kelsey              Richmond                J1.50m  
  9 Flynn, Kaitlyn               Quinnipiac               1.45m  
 10 Timko, Sarah                 Richmond                J1.45m  
 11 Robinson, Brinae             Virginia Uni             1.40m  
 11 Kirkland, Cherdae            Virginia Uni             1.40m  
 -- Cooper, Nicole               Wagner                      NH  
 -- Meyer, Meredith              William and                 NH  
 -- Kimsey, Sarah                Kutztown                    NH  
 -- Beckerleg, Samantha          Shippensburg                NH  

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