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Licensed to Fork Union Military Academy
                                       HY-TEK's Meet Manager 3/29/2014 03:13 PM
          Richmond's Fred Hardy Invitational - 3/28/2014 to 3/29/2014          
                       Robins Stadium, Fred Hardy Track                        
                              Richmond, Virginia                               
Women Discus Throw
      School: R 57.03m  2012        Meaghan McGovern                           
    Facility: F 50.47m  2005        Billie Jo Grant, Virginia                  
        Meet: M 50.47m  2005        Billie Jo Grant, Virginia                  
    Name                    Year School                  Finals 
  1 Williams, Jaleesa            VCU                     48.43m  
  2 Britton, Margo               Temple                  45.32m  
  3 Adams, Ashley                Duquesne                43.67m  
  4 Zahn, Chelsea                Duquesne                42.73m  
  5 Davis, Brianna               Shippensburg            40.42m  
  6 Stones, Zhane                Wagner                  36.93m  
  7 Evans, Rochelle              William and             36.85m  
  8 Johnston, Katie              William and             36.78m  
  9 Cockerille, Taylor           Mary Washing            35.26m  
 10 Turner, Sheree               Mary Washing            34.69m  
 11 Reives, Renee                Va. Military            34.63m  
 12 Johnston, Elizabeth          Va. Military            34.58m  
 13 Edwards, Logan               Va. Military            33.95m  
 14 Freshkorn, Ashley            Capital                 33.60m  
 15 Pullen, Alexyus              Virginia Sta            33.37m  
 16 Baker, Elysa                 Mary Washing            33.13m  
 17 Wildermuth, Nicole           Kutztown                31.48m  
 18 Lewis, Johnee                Virginia Sta            30.62m  
 19 Bleiler, Jessica             Kutztown                29.65m  
 20 Ross, Elizabeth              Shippensburg            29.37m  
 21 Sikorskas, Ellie             Lock Haven              29.01m  
 22 Percic, Kayla                Seton Hill              28.65m  
 23 Andino, Mary                 William and             28.43m  
 24 Lusignolo, Rebecca           Capital                 28.40m  
 25 Fyalkowski, Rachel           Duquesne                28.33m  
 26 Tanner, Liz                  Lock Haven              27.96m  
 27 Watson, Leanne               Concord                 27.58m  
 28 Nelson, Samantha             Shippensburg            27.16m  
 29 Thurber, Carliyonna          Kutztown                27.01m  
 29 Roberts, Jada                VCU                     27.01m  
 31 Long, Jennifer               Capital                 25.65m  
 32 Winter, Clarissa             Lock Haven              23.79m  
 33 Banks, Ashleigh              VCU                     23.68m  
 34 Kinkead, Meghan              Concord                 22.85m  
 35 Turner, Te'Querra            California (            21.50m  
 -- McGonigle, Alena             Richmond                    ND  

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